explorerx350We all like a bargain, as long as it 'does the job", but here's something worth considering when buying a 'bargain' rooftop tent.
Its 2 am, you and your missus have gone to bed and a strong wind develops. A James Baroud tent is rated to withstand a 120 km/hr wind... how's the cheap copy going.

It can be quite frightening being caught in extreme weather, especially in a tent. It's also the pointy end of a bad purchase decision and where the structural integrity of your tent and the materials used are tested. And quite likely the patience of your missus.

A James Baroud rooftop tent has been designed for, and tested in the most extreme weather conditions and built using top quality parts, fabrics and components.

So, if being caught in a storm on the roof of your car, in the middle of the night in a cheap rooftop tent, doesn't appeal to you, then the decision is easy.

Ask, Is the rooftop tent your considering rated to high wind strengths? Built to ISO world standards? Covered by a 5 year guarantee on hull, fabric and mechanism? If not then it may be very embarrassing if tested against the elements.

James Baroud have spent years developing our product range, hold many patents for the designs used in our tents and we stand